• Indoor Air Quality

    Temperature, humidity, cleanliness, freshness, odors and noise are all aspects of Indoor Air Quality that impact people, processes and productivity.
    OR-KA applications experts can help you create the best possible Indoor Air Quality.

  • Energy & the Environment

    Energy use has a dramatic impact on operating expenses and the environment.
    OR-KA has spent years developing technologies to help you make more efficient and effective use of scarce resources.

  • Total Cost of Ownership

    Optimizing your total cost of ownership requires a holistic approach to design and services. OR-KA's team of experts will help you explore your options and determine the most economical approach to HVAC systems and services design to sustain optimal performance over the life of your building.

  • Standards and Codes

    Compliance with applicable codes and standards is critical and sometimes challenging for building design professionals. OR-KA provides you with information and resources to make your job easier.